Aging, Causes And 25 Best Ways To Feel Under 40


Aging is a complex biological process that affects different layers of the skin, including significant skin disease and an enhancement of genetic material.

Defects in the aging process include defects in various tissues, cell loss due to excessive sun exposure, the effects of free radicals on the cell membrane, and damage and reduction of the DNA genetic program. In cellular distribution.

The effects on the skin tissue are elasticity, water retention and rapid reproduction or regeneration. The consequences are discoloration of the skin and general deterioration.

Aging skin is characterized by a thin striated body of thin epidermis and dermis. Strengthens lines and wrinkles due to increased dryness and dryness due to discoloration of the skin and fat glands.

The skin looks dry and the production of melanin decreases and loses its color. Aging can be characterized by its elasticity, normal strength, and elasticity due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Aging accompanies cell proliferation. The thickness of the skin decreases with age. On average, every 10 years, about 6 percent of the skin loses weight. This means that a 100-year-old person loses approximately 60 percent of their original skin size.

This affects both the skin and the skin. Skin aging is divided into two parts. The first is internal or temporary aging, a process that occurs over time and is a slow and irreversible process of tissue breakdown.

Internal aging is associated with changes in connective tissue and decreased cell regeneration. The second category is external aging. It is usually mainly due to exposure to the sun, which damages or destroys cell proliferation and destroys collagen and elastin.

Its clinical features include fine lines and wrinkles, roughness, discoloration, active keratitis, and skin cancer. Other factors that can cause or accelerate the aging process are exposure to external factors, stress, and lifestyle choices.

Additionally, aging skin can lead to health problems, hormonal imbalances, inadequate youth care and unbalanced nutrition, depriving the skin of adequate nutrition for cell growth and development.

Recent research in the field of aging has linked internal and external aging to radical damage. In the case of internal aging, this damage is associated with an inadequate neutralization of the free radicals produced in cells and used in the production of oxygen.

In the case of external aging, radical damage is caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure. In fact, we are not getting old, therefore antioxidants are key to reducing the appearance of aging.

Anti-aging treatments emphasize restoring a smoother, more youthful complexion by smoothing and normalizing the look and feel of sun-damaged or aged skin.

Today, however, skin care technology is increasingly focused on preventing aging and correcting or improving visible signs.

It is well established that premature skin aging is moderate to severe. One of the main causes of this damage is HIV infection, followed by cigarette smoke. Therefore, the first step in anti-aging treatment is to protect the skin from radical changes and damage by using sunscreen and increasing the amount of antioxidants in the skin.

Additionally, foods rich in antioxidants can help prevent both internal aging from oxidative damage and skin damage. If left untreated, it can easily be damaged during the day. Many cosmetic products contain very effective ingredients.

Among the most complex compounds present today are edibenon and coffee tree, which are highly antioxidants that reduce collagen loss and oxidative damage.

Various types of vitamin A, especially retinol or retinoic acid, glycolic and lactic acids, many peptides and amino acids are among the many nutrients that are effective when working with aging skin.

Apricot, vitamins A, B, C, and D, and antioxidants are important herbs for anti-aging treatment. Carrots, for vitamin A and mineral salts; And the rider’s ability to improve skin tissue, control skin function, increase skin immunity, and prevent and / or prevent wrinkle formation.

In the treatment of aging skin, it is important to rejuvenate, rejuvenate, rejuvenate and drink the active ingredients, as well as prevent it.

No substance or product can achieve all of this. A comprehensive skin care regimen should include daily applications of sunscreen for protection; Suitable antioxidant and watering moisturizers; And conditioning creams, ointments, gels or emulsifiers with active ingredients that stimulate and stimulate skin function, nourish the skin, neutralize harmful chemicals in the skin, and stimulate and stimulate cell activity and interactions. 

Aging Causes

25 best ways to make yourself feel under 40

Don’t fight it.

Staying in youth does not mean going back, but enjoying the rest of life, wisely. Eat right, exercise, reduce stress and stay positive, as well as the latest creams, supplements and yes, beer, beer! “We’ve compiled the latest advice from the latest experts and the results will surprise even the dullest old days. Here are 25 best ways to make yourself feel under 40.

1.Aerobic exercise

that three to four times a week for 30 minutes’ aerobic exercise improves short-term memory by adding exercise to the middle limb. Memories are stored

Learning in old age is becoming increasingly frustrating. But brain plastic allows it to grow, change, and heal throughout our lives, and aerobic exercise can help.

Get a better start: Harvard University researchers appear to be healthier than women who don’t regularly exercise moderately in their mid-70s.

2. Consume your anti-aging supplements

MSDDD These nutrients are called “beauty foods”: dark chocolate (contains cocoa flavanol, which increases blood flow to the skin); Salmon (omega-3s prevent collagen breakdown and reduce skin inflammation); And green tea (loaded with polyphenols that increase cell transformation to improve skin tone).

3. Be consistent in the kitchen 

Don’t focus on your diet for a minute and then start eating right the next time. “This can lead to confusion, headaches, stress and fatigue. To stay on a diet that reduces your dependency on processed foods, stick to the good fats found in grass-fed chicken, beef, and fish, limit alcohol and caffeine, and avoid sugar.

4. Pump some iron

The Average American will gain a pound of fat and lose half a pound each year in 30 to 60 years. “Lack of muscle strength is one of the main causes of aging and loss of mobility. Its suggest a time-varying program for maximum muscle-building benefits. Short but intense strength training lasting 12-20 minutes has also been shown to help. For example, push for 30 seconds, then walk for two minutes, then bend for 30 seconds, then cycle for 2 minutes, then 30 seconds for the lungs, then 2 minutes on the boat engine, and so on.

5. Learn to Burn Whole Calories

Cutting calories can help reduce cellular inflammation, which promotes aging by upsetting the hormonal balance between cells, thus reducing the effectiveness of all organs in the body. “You can only cut back on excess calories if you don’t starve yourself between meals. Eat at least 3 ounces of low-protein protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and increase the release of satiety hormones.

6. Think of Something Good

Researchers have shown that the presence of social stress in life is related to planning and decision-making throughout life. Since they can’t always get rid of people in conflict, They recommend that you resolve your differences with good ideas To prevent that from happening, think about something positive about that person, as long as it is true, and your brain will repress that thought. ”

7. Eat Bitter

People Recognize six different flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, salty, and twisted, and each plays a role in nourishing your body and mind. But in terms of longevity, sour foods are better because they balance sugar, support digestion, and convert fats. Bittersweet include yellow and green vegetables such as yellow bell peppers, rabe broccoli, collard greens, mustard greens, radicchio, and chicory. Bonus: bitter foods also help balance your taste buds, making the taste of natural sugars, like plain or apple, more pronounced.

8. Take Vitamin D

Well, vitamin D protects against many cancers and helps to strengthen many bones. A lifelong guide to your physical and spiritual well-being. Evidence suggests that vitamin D strengthens the immune system, reduces asthma, and helps maintain a healthy weight. Most experts suggest taking at least 1,000 IU a day, but this is often not enough, “If you take 1,000 IU a day, you will avoid rickets, yes. However, you should avoid 2000 to 5000 IU per day for maintenance purposes only.


9. Replace the noise in the morning

Get that sweet latte and pay for it later, Excess sugar increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune diseases, all of which accelerate aging. It is recommended that you drink a healthy powdered vitamin (such as enzyme therapy) and drink a special healthy sugar called D-ribos every day. According to a recent study, de-ribos increased by an average of 61% after three weeks.

10. Eat like Greek

: the Mediterranean diet, which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes and some cancers, has long been associated with the current decline in consciousness. Old people.

This diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, legumes, olive oil, fish, potatoes, and a little wine to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and create a sunny environment for subjects.

11. Take Your Magnesium

: Seventy-five percent of Americans do not get a balanced diet (RDA) of this essential nutrient, which affects age-related conditions such as age, bone and brain health. “Aging problems like constipation, memory loss, mobility, and sensitivity to noise also contribute to magnesium.

One of the cheapest and most absorbable alternatives is magnesium citrate powder, which can be taken with hot or cold water. Magnesium-rich cocoa, seaweed, and kale may also someday help.

12. At your average weight

whether you are overweight or obese, a large waist doubles the risk of a person dying from any reason.

Obesity cells actively increase fat stores by actively metabolizing compounds that increase inflammation and insulin sensitivity.

Highly refined and fast-digesting carbohydrates, such as flour products, speed up this cycle. So, eat low-glycemic foods (think fully, plant-based choices) and exercise regularly to fight fat.

13. Watch out for calorie trends

New studies show that calorie depletion can lead to longevity in mammals, but e-banks need to be careful before they subscribe to diet fads.

“Calorie intake thinks all calories are equal, but they are not,” he said, adding that if you exercise and eat the right amount of protein and healthy fats, you may feel less satisfied with calories. Before overeating.

But if you eat enough calories, you won’t have the necessary strenuous exercise. “Do you want to live as long as possible, or do you want to live longer, no matter what the quality is?” He asks.

The calorie restriction community is a supporter of the “extra years” philosophy, but requires a 30% to 40% reduction in calories, not as tolerant or sustainable as most people say. A study of 100-year-olds still in their teens. Good health.

A key to your success? They know when to throw the fork.

“People in Okinawa [Japan] practice ‘Hara Hachi Bu’, which means that they stop eating before they are old enough,” explains Stram. By eating this way, you are naturally controlling all the calories that are good for you. ”

But there is more than just weight management. “Official Chinese medicine recommends that you consume no more than 80% of your body’s digestive, digestive and digestive organs

“In that way, there is an additional qi life force to nurture and nurture the rest of the body and mind.”

14. For vegetarian

:If you are a vegetarian supplement that begins with El, take Elsa, please Alex. L-glutamine and L andarginine are primarily amino acids found in protein-rich animal sources (chicken, turkey), shellfish (halibut, lobster, salmon), and wild game (quail, quail).

Lack of L-glutamine and L-arginine in vegetarians can lead to premature aging. Take 2 grams of L-glutamine at night and 1 gram of L-arginine daily to supplement. Studies show that these supplements help tighten skin, reduce fat loss, and build muscle as we age.

15. Eat your W

water, broccoli. Your goal is to eat three or more fruits and five or more vegetables a day to get better cellular moisture to delay or reverse age-related cell phone dehydration,

In fact, he recommends replacing at least one glass of water a day with raw vegetables or fruits: “Fruits and vegetables provide water and antioxidants, so colorful water-rich products are the best type of water for your cells. The longer it stays on your system, the better. ”

16. Choose Calories wisely

Domeer, CEO of Domer Mental Health in Boston, says that Alice de Domer, who is not thin, is healthy and that being thin does not necessarily mean longevity. She says that being in the middle of the 24-27 BMI range is really related to longevity. Make sure you choose your calories wisely.

A 2011 study from the University of Maryland found that consuming relatively high amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, poultry, fish, and low-fat dairy products led older adults to better nutrition and quality of life, but 37% more for sweets and sweets Risk of death.

17. Coloring  hair

Neutral volunteers rated the women before and after leaving the cells, and the women who believed they had dyed their hair appeared older after the salon visit.

Those didn’t. begin? “She makes you look younger So she applies your instincts.”

18. Put her body to sleep Closing your eyes for eight hours will make you look three years younger,

If you have trouble relaxing into deep sleep, set up a series of bedtime rituals: Do not drink caffeine four to six hours before bed; Eat whole foods before and after three hours; And turn off the electronics and dim the lights for an hour.

19. Blame Your Way On Good

Sex Those golden girls were on to something: Sex is a powerful anti-aging tool. Some studies show it can extend your life by up to 20 years, while others say it can cut your mortality in half. So how do you prepare yourself emotionally for more actions?

Eat strategically, like soy and fish maintain sex hormones at a young age. Micronutrients like turkey and duck contain tyrosine and phenylalanine, which increase demand. Cholesterol triglyceride is a chemical compound in the brain that regulates the production of healthy fats, such as low-fat yogurt and eggs. And brain chemicals are high in pre-glutamine and inositol, which help you relax with a high level of fiber-rich vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Walking and walking Another common long-term health condition for people is good social support. Older people have better personal relationships when they check for evidence of longevity.

They have a reason to liveWorking with a friend is an easy way to promote personal relationships. “I know many women who have gone through menopause,” says yoga therapist Carol Krakow.

Spending time with your friend has super medical benefit

20. Change places

According to traditional Chinese medicine, certain parts of your genitals are attached to your internal organs. “This is one of the ways Chinese medicine believes that having regular sex can affect longevity and overall health,

To achieve internal balance, you need to stimulate all the organs and not only some of these, but also others, can grow too large in a particular organ. Different positions during sex to get the whole interior to get the attention it wants.

21. Get more sleep

“Our brain slows down in response and process, but it comes back when we sleep,”

Long sleep eliminates these losses. In fact, a 2009 study from the University of California, Berkeley, found that the brain helps develop sleep patterns. Although seven to eight hours of sleep is not considered essential, it can help restore brain function if it is not done the night before. Be Thankful What is the best longevity forecast?

No fat, family history, exercise, or diet. Mimi Garnery, MD, Director of Script Integrative Medicine in La Jola, California. According to him, it is personal happiness, joy and admiration. “If you’re the type of person who is focused on destruction and darkness, if you’re angry, hostile, or resentful, you won’t live long,” she says. You need to enter your life every day and look for something to admire.

Guernner recommends creating an experience of appreciation. “If it’s not natural, push yourself,” she advises. “Beneath your negative feelings: look around you and find what you have to praise.” One way to do this is to list at least 10 things you do in a day, no matter how small you are before bed. You will see that you have blessings to count on later.

Aging Process

22. They think they are getting old

“But they generally have a positive but realistic outlook on life and the ability to adapt to change,” he said. Tendency to see the glass as half empty? To divert your attention, try writing down three positive things that happen every day.

23. Take Your Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs help the body adapt to daily stress and are often included in Chinese and Western anti-aging medications.

“They help restore and maintain life and well-being,” said Rosary Glaster, founder of the California School of Plant Studies and author of Long-Term Plants and Radiation Welling. Start with herbs like rhododendron (which reduces stress and increases energy), rhizome (which protects the liver and heart and lowers cholesterol), and Saint Basil (which reduces anxiety and depression) and talk to a doctor who have a general knowledge of the exact amount.

24. Keep Working

New data from the United States, the United Kingdom, and 11 other European countries indicate that as people retire, their memories diminish.

Researchers continue to conduct long-term studies in the early 1960s with better results on memory tests. Some experts say that the well-known personality and social skills that support healthy aging – like waking up early, interacting with others, knowing that it is important to be quick and reliable – these factors are important in the workplace.

25. No Buzzkill

The 2010 University of Texas study of 28 years can be a significant indicator of longevity in the way we describe events in our lives.

“Our thoughts, emotions and responses to stress are powerful genetic and immune modalities and affect our aging process and rate,” says Georgia Arsi Cancer Center director of psychiatry and his author. So, try to be a little brighter and choose to look good in a situation or at least share a story about what was wrong with you.



Have a beer. Yes, a beer. According to Davis scientists from the University of California, beer is a source of collagen that stimulates collagen production to maintain strong bones and healthy joints by maintaining the flexibility of cartilage.

According to the study, most beer products contain between 6 and 57 milligrams of silicon per liter, while the highest levels of refined barley and hops are high. We say go organic and drink a little. Silicone is also found in foods like bananas and brown rice if you are past the age of fear.

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