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Gastric Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

What to do if you have gastric pain?

Starting from minor pain in the upper abdominal all day, sudden acute pain and indigestion or after eating-all known as peptic ulcer pain or gastric pain. What people usually mean by gastric or ulcer, in medical language it is called peptic ulcer.

In this context, Professor of Medicine Faculty of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Dr. ABM Abdullah said,

” Those who don’t eat regular food or fast for a long time, may have peptic ulcer. Peptic ulcer is not only occurring in the stomach, but it can happen in any part of the nutrient system”.

Why does gastric pain?

This problem is mainly due to the production of excess acid in the stomach. Excessive acid damages stomach mucosa veils and comes in contact with the stomach and can cause inflammation. And the Helicobacter bacteria called pylori also destroys the micosa veil. Acid causes inflammation by coming in contact with the stomach. If anyone else is getting more acid and protein digestive enzymes (known as Pepsin) from the nutrient system, this may happen. Birth again one has weak nutrient system structural structure, even then peptic ulcer can happen.

What causes more acid in the stomach?

Painkillers can cause more acid. Insomnia, excessive tension, excessive oil fried foods, smoking etc also create excess acid.

What are the symptoms of gastric pain?

. Stomach pain, irritation.

. Pain increases right after eating (gastric ulcer).

. Increasing pain in empty stomach (duodenal ulcer).

. Rise of the belch

. Being indigestion.

How to prevent gastric pain:

Regular eating, avoiding fried food, avoiding anxiety, adequate sleep, stop smoking. Painkiller medicines i.e. Aspirin national medicine should be refrained as much as possible.

Treatment of gastric pain:

Patients with peptic ulcer usually benefit from antacids and national medicines.

If this disease is caused by germs, then treatment is given with a combination of different medicines.

But if the patient is not well even after taking long-term medicines, if you vomit by eating something, that is, if a part of the nutrient tract is recovered, the patient can benefit from the operation.

What happens if treatment is not done on time?

. Stomach can be pierced.

. There may be a bleeding vomit.

. Might be a black toilet.

. There may be anemia.

. Cancer can also happen (rarely).

. Nutritional tract pathway can be started and patient can vomit repeatedly.

Does eating spicy cause peptic ulcer?

No specific evidence of this has been matched in medical science.

Does drinking too much water cure peptic ulcer?

There is no saying that drinking too much water won’t cause this disease or cure it; rather it can be the opposite. It is better to drink moderate water.

What to do if a patient wakes up due to stomach pain suddenly or late night?

Eating something reduces pain or antacid syrup is a great job. If the problem is too much, you have to be taken to the hospital.

So those who suffer from chronic peptic ulcer should seek refuge in a doctor, detect peptic ulcer complications early and take treatment accordingly.


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