How to Get Rid Dandruff Naturally


As if your shoulders had just entered a snowstorm? Dandruff is not a serious health problem, but it can surely be embarrassing. You want to know how to get rid dandruff naturally?

To separate the flakes, use the right shampoo.

In addition, the house will be able to clean the skin you have, the yeast will leave behind the cascade and in many cases it will ax awful itching.

What is wrong like a snake, we humans are constantly beautifully dead from the outer layers of the skin. When these skin cells are removed from the skin with turbo speed, you yourself are the case of the helmet. The disease has many causes.  

It’s a stress. Among others, the oil glands become hyperactive and dermatitis seborrheicare , on the face and chest and the head can affect the skin itching and thyme erupted .

There is evidence stems Pityrosporumorbiculare. called ordinary yeast in excess of the increase and . Yeast feeds on oily skin, which can make people with oily scalps feel numb.     

Dandruff is a chronic disease of the skin of the head, the processing responds but often returns when treatment stops everything. The disease puberty appears normally and reached early maturity usually is.

In this articl we will discuss how to get rid dandruff naturally?

20 to 30 people between the ages of 2 to 1 and 30 to 40 year olds from 10 to 4 pollute it is estimated . Dermatitis seborrhoeicslight think it is, yeast MalasseziaFurfur too much growth linked . Diagnosis is easy and effective OTC treatments are available .

What causes dandruff?

Dandruff has many reasons.

There is evidence that the stems are overgrown with a common yeast called Pityrosporumorbiculare.

Yeast feeds on oily skin, which may explain why people with oily skin feel so radiant.

Anxiety is also a reason.

How to wash and how to get rid dandruff Naturally ?

Clear Dandruff Away

  • Look for shampoos containing selenium sulfide, tar or zinc pyrithione.

Enriched Formula Dandruff Shampoo. These antidruff shampoos delay the rate of proliferation of scalp cells. They are more effective than products formulated with sulfur or salicylic acid , such as Neutrogena T / Sal Therapeutic Shampoo, which can cleanse those that release flakes .

  • Your dandruff does not respond to the shampoo like Denorex, try that it contains ketoconazole , such as Nizoral . Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal medication that can kill the yeast that can cause your dandruff.
  • a few months if the scales shampoo stops working, probably scalp active ingredients “used” and has been “ignored” has begun. Just change the shampoo made with another active ingredient . It may need to be changed in the coming months .
  • Leave the shampoo Xandra at least 10 minutes to clean up before , his work is best left to . For a serious case of flakes, comb, put a shower cap on your head and leave the shampoo on for an hour. Maybe you want to get a promise from your spouse or someone else significant to make you laugh so you don’t have to laugh.

Rinse Wash

  • Make a nightingale grass with a gold stamp. It contains berberine , has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Pour 1 cup boiling water 2 teaspoons chopped root. Steep, strain and allow to cool. Use the wash as a shampoo or after any time of day. If you ca n’t find the root of the gold seal , add a few drops of the gold seal to a little shampoo.
  • Prepare a fragrant rosemary cleanser . As gold seals, rosemary bacterial and fungal fight against it . Rosemary is much easier to find. For cleaning, pour a cup of boiling water 1 teaspoon chopped rosemary.Use the liquid to wash once a day. If cleansing irritates your skin, go for another remedy.
  • Another anti-skin wash is done with bay leaves. Add a few chopped bay leaves to a quarter of hot (freshly cooked) water . Cover and leave for 20 minutes steep . Strain, allow to cool and apply. You may want to leave it on your hair for an hour or more before washing it.
  • Apple cider vinegar, which kills various fungi and bacteria, is often recommended as a home remedy for dandruff. Mix one part water with one part apple cider vinegar. Wash after shampooing.

This is not only way see below how to get rid dandruff naturally?

What you need to know


Presence of scales

The color and texture of the scales

Location: medium head , eyebrows, paranasal sinuses and others


Previous history of psoriasis dermatitis Seborrhoeic

Worst factors


How to Get Rid Dandruff Naturally


Dandruff is characterized by a gray-white-scalp and an itchy scalp over-scaling by flakes or scales . It can also affect beards. Dandruff ’s epidermal cell turnover is twice as high as those without disease.

A differential diagnosis can be severe dandruff psoriasis where there is also rapid cell turnover. In the latter situation, the appearance and location tend to be different.

In more severe cases of seborrheic dermatitis , the scales are yellowish and oily, and there is an inflammation that causes redness and dirt on the affected skin . In psoriasis the scales are silvery white and are associated with red and various patches and swellings


In Dandruff, the skin (and sometimes the beard) is the only area affected. More widespread seborrhoeic dermatitis in areas where there is the biggest causes the sebaceous gland activity, so, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustache, can paranasal clefts, behind the ears, neck, forehead, neck and chest.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis in children is common, and occurs as a cradle cap, appearing in the first 12 weeks of life. Psoriasis can affect the scalp, but usually other areas are also involved. The knees and elbows are common areas, but the face is rarely affected.

The final points of psoriasis dermatitis seborroikoaz separates the face often damaged today. Another condition that may be similar to dandruff is dermatitis of the scalp caused by allergies to a shampoo ingredient or hair dye .


Dandruff is generally in a mild condition. However, itching-headed skin can cause scratched, the skin can break and pain and infection to cause the can . If the scalp is severely injured or there are signs of infection (crusts or tears), a referral would be indicated.

Previous history

Because Dandruff reappears in a chronic condition, there are often antecedents of uneven symptoms . The symptoms of the seasons change, which improve in the summer in response to UVB light. M. furfura is not affected by UVA light .       

Worst factors

Hair dyes and perms can irritate the skin. Improper cleansing after shampooing your hair can leave traces of shampoo, causing irritation and itching.


You may have tried several treatments. It is important to identify what has been tried and how it has been used. Most dandruff treatments should be applied on the scalp and left on for 5 minutes for full effect. However, if proper treatment is used properly without improvement , reference should be considered.

Do I need to call a doctor ?  

Typically, a mild dandruff responds to self-treatment, so give home remedies or OTC dandruff shampoos for about two weeks at work. Call your doctor if there is any improvement or if you have severe itching with red and irritated skin.

You may also want medical advice if you notice thick scales, yellow crusts, or red spots on the ladder. These symptoms of dermatitis seborreikoa suggest themselves , the doctor’s advice and treatment required by the state.

How to naturally get rid of dandruff –

Are you waiting to know how to get rid dandruff naturally? Let’s see  –

Test tea tree • Tea tree oil has antifungal properties. Dilute the oil with a little carrier oil (such as olive or grape seed oil) and apply on the scalp. Leave it overnight . Or add a few drops of shampoo. You can find shampoos with tea tree oil already in health stores .             

Cultured Cure • It’s not pretty, but it might work: Spread the yogurt on the scalp and leave it there for half an hour, then wash off. Yogurt contains “friendly” bacteria that keep the yeast under control . This is why it is also a common remedy for yeast infections.             

The linen • Take the 1 or 2 teaspoon of flax oil a day. It contains essential fatty acids. It seems that skin itching, such as psoriasis and eczema, is helpful, and perhaps dandruff. Be patient; it may take 3 months to see the difference . One good thing: Flaxseed oil also helps protect against heart disease. 

Rid Dandruff Naturally

Treatment time interval

Dandruff treatment should be started and improved within 1 to 2 weeks.

Others Treatment –

The goal of treatment M. Furfur the scalp to reduce it ; therefore, agents with anti-fungal action are effective. Ketoconazole, selenium sulfide , zinc pyrithioneand coal carpet are effective.              

Research results on seborrhoeicdermatitis suggest that ketoconazole is the most effective and coal tar is the most effective option . Most treatments should be left on the scalp (and if applicable, the back) for 5 minutes to get the full effect (see instructions with individual products).         


Ketoconazole 2% shampoo is used twice a week for 2-4 weeks, after which it should be reduced weekly or fortnightly to prevent recurrence. It is considered the first line in moderate-severe dandruff. The shampoo can also be used in seborrheic dermatitis . The shampoo can be applied to the rest of the affected areas while lather and left before washing. Ketoconazole is not absorbed through the skin and side effects are very rare. Occasional allergic reactions have been reported. 

Zinc pyrithione 

Zinc pyrithione is an active ingredient in certain ‘antidandruff shampoos’ and is effective against dandruff. It should be used twice a week for the first 2 weeks and then once a week as needed.  

Selenium sulfide  2.5 %  

Selenium sulfide has been shown to be effective. Use twice a week for the first 2 weeks for the next 2 weeks; then it can be used as needed . It is recommended to massage the scalp and leave for 2-3 minutes. It can cause a burning sensation (and rarely, blisters) if left longer.  

Jewelry should be removed are , selenium color can . Hair and scalp should be thoroughly washed after using selenium sulfide shampoo ; otherwise, yellow, gray, or dyed hair may color.          

Products containing selenium sulfide should not be used for coloring or lasting hair for 48 hours . Contact dermatitis has been reported occasionally. Selenium sulfide should not be applied to inflamed or broken skin.  

Coal tar

Studies have shown that the alquite of coal is the most effective of the causes of seborrheicdermatitis . Caspari can be useful, non-emergency conditions, and individual responses and preferences of patients use decisions that determine whether they can .  

The modern formulation is better than traditional , but some people still coal smell unacceptable think it will be . Coal alchytene can cause skin sensitization and is photosensitizing .        

Important points –

Continuous treatment

They need to understand that the treatments could cure the patients of their shell in the final and that it will make sense in the long term treatment with less frequent use , they avoid Caspari again.

Skin treatment

It is skin that needs to be treated rather than hair. The treatment should be applied to the scalp and gently massaged. All products should be left on the skin for up to 5 min (2-3 minutes with selenium ) before washing to achieve full effect .         

Standard shampoos

There is debate among experts hair wash käspi rarely causes or aggravates it . However, he generally agrees that frequent cleaning (at least three times a week) is an important part of managing dandruff. Among the applications of treatment, patients in their shampoo to use can . Some people want to wash your hair with shampoo normal , Caspari before using shampoo to treat.

Hair products

Gels, mousses and hair clips can still be used and will not affect the skin in the treatment of the skin .

I expect you understand how to get rid dandruff naturally, If you have any question please comment.

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