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How to Increase Oxygen Level at Home

The problem at present is that the oxygen-crisis is suddenly happening in the body of the corona patient. Oxygen crisis appeared to many while going to hospital. And then the ICU is needed. To prevent such consequences, there are ways to increase the oxygen quality in the body while waiting at home. And there’s expert advice on this too. In this article we will discuss on how to increase oxygen level at home.

People’s death is increasing due to sudden intensity of oxygen in India. Tatyavigya Mahal says, the root cause of this is a new type of corona, which is 30 percent of the lungs of the body and when there is difficulty in breathing, the symptoms of this dangerous virus are seen. In two to three days the situation continues to be deplorable. Oxygen saturation drops below 80 percent and needs oxygen immediately.

India’s AIIMS has prepared a standard operating procedure as a quick emergency measures, approved by the Indian Health Ministry. Suddenly the oxygen in the body decreased at home. You can keep yourself healthy without getting confused or restless. It is said that it is easy to restore the oxygen quality in the bed by overtaking the patient.

Proning or lying down is like making the body sleep slowly from a chip to a healthy abdomen. Adopting this treatment-approved method makes breathing easier, and increases oxygenation. In the case of COVID 19 patients, where oxygen-crisis in the body is major, taking this method can be life-saving for many times.

How to Increase Oxygen Level at Home

Why it’s important to sleep through this upside down

1. The air movement increases by sleeping through the uproar, the breathing work becomes easy and all the air fertilizers open.
2. If patients start breathing difficulties and oxygen saturation goes below 94, the patient will have to be put to sleep.
3. If you stay indoors, you have to keep the oxygen quality in mind without seeing the oxygen quality with a pulse oximeter. Blood pressure and blood sugar need to watch.
4. The patient’s condition can be deplorable if the deficiency of oxygen or hypoxia is not observed in the body.
5. Laying down on time and maintaining air movement will save many lives.

Method of keeping the pillow

A pillow under the patient’s neck. Two-three pillows from the pig to the top and under the chest. And the patient will lie down with two pillows under the junga (knee to ankle part). Need to change position gradually. Try not to keep one position usually for more than half an hour.

The way you sleep upside down

Period Location
Half an hour to two hours Sleeping on the belly.


Half an hour to two hours Sitting up (60-90 degrees)
Half an hour to two hours Sleeping in the right ear


Half an hour to two hours Back to first position.
Half an hour to two hours Left position



Increase Oxygen Leve


    • It’s not right to sleep for more than an hour after eating.
    • As long as it is tolerable, it should be uprooted.
    • A person can stay in this position for up to 16 hours in a row.
    • We have to take care if there is any injury due to pressure.
    • Pregnant women, deep van thrombosis patients, heart patients, or bone broken patients should avoid sleeping systems.
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