What does a heart block feel like?

Blockage in the blood vessels of the heart is a very complex problem. If not caught in time it can be dangerous. It is a disease that has no symptoms at the beginning. But the damage to the heart continues and at one point the patient is at risk of a heart attack.

What does a heart block feel like?

Cardiologist Prof. Dr. Medinova Medical Services explained in detail how to understand the blockage in the blood vessels of the heart. Taufikur Rahman.

  • What is heart block

Every cell in the body has numerous blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients through the blood. At the heart of the circulatory system is the heart, which pumps blood throughout the body through continuous contractions. To supply oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the heart, there are blood vessels called coronary arteries. When the blood vessels of the heart become narrowed or cholesterol accumulates in the blood vessels causing obstruction to blood flow, it is called heart block. Coronary artery disease is called coronary artery disease as this problem is caused by narrowing or cholesterol accumulation in the coronary artery.

  • Case studies

40-year-old Ahsan suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. He smoked for 10 years. One morning while walking in the park, after a while he felt pressure in his chest. After that he went to the doctor. The doctor examined her and the ECG and echo reports were normal, but suggested an angiogram if the ETT was positive. An angiogram revealed a (85 percent) block in his LyCX artery. After that several questions came to his mind. Those questions are discussed below.

  • What causes blockage in the blood vessels of the heart?

Usually uncontrolled diabetes, smoking, uncontrolled high blood pressure or excess fat in the blood or genetic (heredity) and family causes can lead to fatty deposits in the blood vessels of the heart.

  • What problems can be caused by blockage in the blood vessels of the heart

When there is a blockage in the blood vessels of the heart, the blood vessels become narrow and obstruct the flow of blood. As a result, the heart muscle does not get enough oxygen and food. During exercise or hard work, when the demand for oxygen and food increases, but the blood supply does not increase, a type of severe chest discomfort is felt in the heart, which is called angina, resulting in chronic stable angina. Apart from this, the fat layer of the blood vessel bursts and the blood clot accumulates on it and the blood vessel is partially or completely closed and can lead to acute coronary syndrome or heart attack.

  • In some cases, Stenting or ring fitting or Angioplasty is done

If the heart blood vessel block is not in the left main coronary artery or other coronary blood vessels and affects one, two or three vessels, stenting or ring placement is possible. Angioplasty or rings can also be used to treat three or more blocked arteries, if the blocks are in the right place or if the patient refuses surgery and wants a ring.

What does a heart block feel like?

Left main coronary artery stenosis or blockage in the left main coronary artery is usually bypass surgery. But at present, interventional cardiologists in various cardiac centers are doing ring (Stenting) of the left main coronary artery with great success, especially since the discovery of the Drug Eluting Stent.

  • Whether stenting or rings can be done without heart bypass surgery

Ring (Stenting) is performed without bypass surgery, if the blocks are suitable for ring or the patient is not willing to undergo chest surgery, then in some cases patients can be partially revascularized.

  • What is balloon ngo plasty

Balloon ngo plasty is a type of modern treatment of heart blood vessels, where if there is a blockage in the blood vessel, it can be inflated with a balloon to remove the block or reduce the level of the block.

Heart block is a serious problem. whose treatment method is quite complicated. And so it is best to know how to prevent heart block and live accordingly. Here are some tips to prevent heart block:

  • One of the main causes of heart block and heart attack is smoking. So the habit of smoking should be abandoned.
  • Foods that are harmful to the heart should be avoided. Like simple sugars, saturated fat, trans fat etc.
  • Excess body weight should be reduced. In this case, keeping body weight under control according to BMI (Body Mass Index).
  • Try to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Blood pressure should be measured regularly and blood cholesterol levels should be controlled.

Heart block is a complex disorder but the risk is somewhat reduced if the specialist is consulted as soon as the initial symptoms appear.

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