What Is The Solution To Excessive Sweat Problem

What Is The Solution To Excessive Sweat Problems?

It is very normal for a person to sweat out of the body if he stays for a while or does any physical work in the warm weather. But what if excessive sweat is caused in a certain area of the body for no reason?

Many people have the problem of creating excessive sweat under the armpit, in the palm of the hands or toes. About 1 % of the total population has this excessive sweat problem.

In English it is called ‘ hyperhidrosis’

Reasons Why Excessive Sweating

1. Excessive sweating in the body can be side effects of a drug, other diseases in the body can cause such symptoms without any reason.

2. It can cause any part of the body. Again, excessive sweating may also be observed in certain parts of the body.
3. It is usually seen forming under the armpit, on the palm or toe, on the forehead, on the upper lips and on the neck.
4. Scientists haven’t yet discovered exactly why excessive sweat causes a certain part of the body.
5. It is estimated to be excessive sweating due to a defect in hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates sweat production in the body.

excessive sweat

Problems that cause excessive sweat

′′ The most socially harmful sweat problem is palm sweating, Mark Whitley, vascular surgeon of the UK National Health Service. ′′
Mr. Whitley said, many people feel uncomfortable with a hand sweating with another person. Because when that person wipes his hand after a handbag, it’s insulting

Excessive sweat and body odor in a warm weather country can also put a person in a socially abusive state.

Apart from this, many people may have the experience of getting their clothes wet in excessive sweat and getting into an embarrassing situation.

How to solve this problem

Although the problem of over sweat in the body is quite uncomfortable and ultimately abusive, the joy is that it can be solved in almost every case.

Dermatologists may advise removing glands that cause excessive sweating problems at the end of the field, taking medications, taking botox injections, or removing sweat-making glands through surgery.
But what kind of treatment will be taken depending on which part of the body is sweating.

Botulinum toxin injection can be effective if there is a problem of excessive sweat under the armpit.
Botulin is a type of toxin that stops the functionality of nerves associated with sweat-producing glands, so that sweat does not create.But this procedure is not permanent, it has to be repeated every six to nine months depending on the dose of the medicine.

Surgery is required to get a permanent solution to sweat problems, called endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy.

This surgery cuts the nerves connected to the glands that create sweat.
his surgery gives about 99 % success in solving the problem of sweating the hand.

But this surgery has some side effects too.One problem is, the parts of the body that were supposed to be sweating are not sweating, but the sweat-making glands are producing sweat. In such cases, that sweat produced is likely to be emitted from other parts of the body.

That is, you did surgery for excessive sweat on your hand didn’t cause sweat on your hand but the amount of sweat in other parts of the body increased than normal time.

This excessive sweat is usually caused in the lower body or neck.
Another risk is, lungs are likely to be damaged after surgery.

But doctors suggest, the younger the problem of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweat is the better.
It is not right to take any medication without a doctor’s consultation.

Reasons Excessive Sweating

When you should visit to doctor?

Doctor Palash Debnath of Millennium Hospital in Bangladesh told BBC that a doctor should be consulted if a certain part of the body is sweating regularly.

′′ If sweat problems are so high that your daily activities are interrupted, you should consult a doctor. ′′

In addition, even if the sweat problem starts suddenly, he also commented that he should consult the doctor.

′′ Sweating problems can often cause side effects after starting medication for a disease. Doctor’s consultation should be taken in such cases. ′′

>And those who have excessive sweating problems, if their sweat problems continue for 6 months, they should seek expert advice, commented Mr. Debnath.

If you have excessive sweating problems with the family or just at a certain time, such as at night, sweating should consult a doctor.

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