Women Live More Than Men?

Why Do Women Live More Than Men?

Around the world, women have more life span than men. According to 2016 data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the average life of people worldwide was 72 years. But after the lifespan of women and men is lifted separately, the average life of women is 74 years two months, on the other hand, the average life of men is 69 years and eight months.

According to the 2010 census, the U.S. found 53,364 people over 100 years old.
Among them, the number of men is not only 9,162 On the other hand, the number of women is 44,202.

Why Do Women Live More Than Men?

Scientists have identified a few reasons for this:

1. Genes

The human mortality list currently contains data from 40 countries, including old data from Sweden and France from 1751 and 1816
But data from countries like Japan and Russia has been available since the mid-20 s.
The database shows that every year the average life of women in all countries exceeds the average life of men.
Men are believed to be in the fire line because of genetic formation.

2. Fetus

′′ Male fetus die at a higher rate than female fetus, says University College London professor David James. ′′
This probable cause depends on the activity of gender-determining chromosomes.
XX is female chromosome and XY is male chromosome.
These chromosomes hold our genes.
X chromosomes have lots of genes that help you survive.

Speaking to BBC’s crowd science radio program David James said, ′′ If you have a genetic defect in your x chromosome a woman has another x chromosome as a backup. But men have only one x chromosome so they have no chance of backup. ′′

′′ The death rate of a boy child is 20 to 30 percent higher than a girl child due to early pregnancy. In addition, the rate of birth before the stipulated time is 14 percent higher in children. Boys usually grow in size and are at risk of more injuries at birth,” says Exeter University teacher Lorna Harris.
But the birds have two copies of male x chromosome. This is why they live longer than female birds.

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3. Hormones

Boy: Due to hormone changes in the body during the evening, boys and girls become men and women.
Testosterone is a hormone that mainly contains male properties. For example: longevity body, strong muscles, heavy voice and hairy body etc.

Normally boys: This testosterone hormone in the boys body is eliminated by the late evening. This time their death rate is broken.

According to experts, men are encouraged to do high-risk tasks because of these high hormones, such as fighting, high-speed motorcycles or car driving, even suicide tendencies are higher in men.
Because of this hormone, men face a higher death rate in any accident.
Korean scientist Han-Nam Park recently analyzed some detailed information about the Imperial Court during the 19th century Chousun Dynasty.

There he went to do a detailed research on 81 impotent persons to find out that each of them was removed before the evening.
Her analysis shows, those impotent people lived until about 70 years old. Where the average life span of other men on the court was only 50 years.

In addition, three of those 81 also reportedly celebrated their 81th birthday.
It suggests that men without sex, be it human or animal, they live longer.
In addition, women’s sexual hormone estrogen is also seen as ′′ antioxidant This means it removes toxic chemicals in the body and reduces stress on cells.

However, tests on animals have shown that female species with estrogen deficiency have low survival rates.
That means women who did not have sexual surgery live longer.
The issue here is the entire opposite of men.

Researchers in Spain published a report in 2005, stating that estrogen hormone is the genes associated with lifespan and it increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes.
Estrogen helps eliminate bad cholesterol in the body as well as build resistance against heart disease.

4. Habits and Behaviors

The life span of men in areas where conflict is also decreased.
In addition to the areas where healthcare is inadequate, many women die while giving birth to a baby.
In addition to smoking, drinking and eating excessive food depends on how many years who will live.
Such as Russian men, die 13 years earlier than Russian women, because Russian men drink a lot.

5. Long but not healthy

Now those who think women are getting one-sided benefits in this life, they also need to know that women live longer but not wellness.
At one stage in life, they are suffering from many diseases.

Women aged 16 to 60 in different countries, show more doctors than men of the same age.
Steven N Ostad and Kathleen E Fischer Katie from the University of Alabama said in an article published in the Biomedical Journal ′′ Cell Press ′′ In Western society women see more doctors, take more medications, in addition to health reasons at work, women spend more time in hospitals than men Stay.

The tendency of women’s physical limitations at a stage in life is reported by Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and Tunisia.
The 6. gap is getting shorter:
Recent study has indicated that in future, there will be no more life-term gap between men and women.

Why Do Women Live More Than Men?

A study at Imperial College London says the lifetime difference between men and women in the UK by 2030 will last only one year and nine months.
According to the UK National Statistics Office, a boy born today in the UK can live on average to 79 years two months and a girl baby can live up to 82 years and nine months.

Another study led by Professor Les Mehiu of Statistics at Work Business School found that the lifespan of men and women will be equal by 2023
He said, ′′ We have also taken major steps to combat heart disease, usually men are more affected by this heart disease. ′′
Countries where road accident-related deaths are decreasing are also helping to add additional years to the average life of men.

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