Why Hiccups

Why Hiccups And How To Stop Them?

It is very common to have a sudden hiccup outbreak while eating, during an important job or while retiring.

No wonder people start hiccups even for no reason.

According to experts, digestive system noise causes human hiccups.

Why do people have hiccups?

Scientists have been trying to find the specific cause of this seemingly harmless breathing problem for hundreds of years.

Hiccups are like a slight drag in the breathing system which causes faster air to enter the respiratory system. Then the vocal cord suddenly stopped and made the sound ‘hic’.

The lean muscle level below the lungs, called diaphragm, causes sudden contractions to create hiccups.

There may be more than a hundred medical reasons for hiccups, but in most cases they are for very little reasons.

′′ The most common cause of hiccups is fast food intake, said Afroza Akhtar, senior manager and doctor of pharmaceutical agency Acme. ′′


Eating fast disrupts ‘ Vagu s’ nerve activity due to air entering the stomach along with food, causing hiccups.

Taking various types of medications for consciousness, tension, Parkinson’s disease or chemotherapy can also cause hiccups.

In addition, people can also have hiccups in case of some diseases.

Miz. Akhtar said, ′′ Kidney failure can lead to hiccups in case of stroke, multiple sclerosis or meningitis. ′′

But most of the time you don’t need any of these reasons to start hiccups.

Between laughter or coughing, over drinking, excessive eating or overdose drinks can lead to hiccups, but hiccups without any reason are not unusual.

Hiccups are a very normal phenomenon and it usually reaches normal within minutes. But there are examples of extra hiccups.

The Charles Osbourne incident in the United States is considered as an example of the world record for most time hiccups.

He started hiccups in 1922, and said he was trying to weigh a pig at the time. Mr. Osbourne stop hiccups in February 1990-68 years in total.

Way to stop the hiccups

Two principles are basically followed when trying to stop hiccups domestic.

One is to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood to stop dragging in the breath.

Another is the coordination between breathing and throat stimulating the ‘Vagus’ nerve.

Hiccups can be stopped in several ways, according to the UK National Health Service website.

  • Breathing in paper bag (don’t insert bag through head)
  • Two knees pulling up to the chest and leaning forward
  • Drinking ice cold water
  • Eating some grain sugar
  • Lemon bites or a little vinegar taste
  • Keeping the breath off for a short time

Way to stop the hiccups

When to take medical consultation

Hiccups usually get better on their own, but if you have hiccups for too long, you need to consult a doctor. Miz. Akhtar said, ′′ If home remedies don’t work to cure hiccups, you should consult a doctor. ′′

Miz commented that the doctor’s consultation should be taken within 24 to 48 hours due to the intensity of the hiccup. Akhtar.

In addition, even if daily life activities are disrupted due to regular hiccups, experts advise to consult a doctor.

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